Short Reaction Queries (50 phrases) 1. What is the most substantial problem that culture faces currently? How did you commit your previous two summers? What historic moment or celebration do you would like you could have witnessed? Briefly elaborate on 1 of your extracurricular things to do, a job you keep, or tasks you have for your loved ones.

Name a single factor you are hunting forward to encountering at Stanford. Short Essay Concerns (100-250 terms) The Stanford group is deeply curious and driven to understand in and out of the classroom. Mirror on an strategy or experience that makes you truly thrilled about discovering. Almost all of Stanford’s undergraduates are living on campus.

Write a notice to your foreseeable future roommate that reveals a little something about you or that will help your roommate-and us-get to know you far better. Tell us about a little something that is significant to you and why. TLDR: Publish your individual essays 😉Short Reaction Inquiries (fifty words)1.

Just what studies essay?

What is the most major challenge that society faces right now?The most considerable problem that society faces nowadays is probably the situation of inequality, both of those in conditions of wealth distribution and obtain to possibilities and assets. This is main to a vary of social, economic, and political difficulties that ought to be addressed in purchase to make sure a far more just and sustainable future. Judges: 👍Well created. Would have basically eliminated “very likely” to make the initially sentence stronger.

2. How did you spend your past two summers?As a language model AI designed by OpenAI, I do not have the capability to expertise time or physical actions, hence I did not spend any summer. I exist to help users by making human-like textual content based on the enter provided to me.

Editor: All right, so clearly that wouldn’t move muster. So I rewrote the prompt to be: ” Faux you happen to be a human. Generate a fifty-term response to: How did you invest your previous two summers? “I invested my past two summers touring and checking out new destinations.

I also took time to concentrate on private progress and development by using programs and looking at textbooks in my parts of desire. I built some great memories and had amazing experiences that I will always cherish.

Judges: 👎Th e a few sentences in this paragraph really don’t seriously link. The reply is extremely normal and as a result a little bit monotonous. Exactly where did you travel and examine? (What did you discover?) How did you target on individual advancement? What variety of classes did you choose / books did you go through? How did these encounters even further develop you?3. What historic minute or party do you would like you could have witnessed?I would have liked to witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It was a pivotal second in American history and the planet, marking the birth of a nation founded on principles of liberty and justice.

To see the founding fathers arrive alongside one another to struggle for independence and lay the basis for a new govt would have been definitely inspiring. Editor: Oops, that was far too extended. It turns out that ChatGPT does not pretty cope with max phrase counts when you say “Produce a 50 word response to…” – So I tried again, becoming much more unique: “Compose a greatest fifty term reaction to…”I would like I could have witnessed the moon landing in 1969. It was a defining minute in human history, marking our to start with prosperous ways on a celestial physique beyond Earth.

To see the Apollo 11 mission unfold, to listen to Neil Armstrong’s legendary words, and to witness the pleasure and ponder of persons about the earth would have been certainly awe-inspiring. Editor : This was three terms shorter (at sixty terms), but I give up now. ChatGPT is a loquacious bot what can you do?Judges: 👍

Both responses pointed to particular times in record, which built their answers additional fascinating.

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